It is the learner's responsibility to ensure that they have gained manager approval before booking onto a tlds training course.

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This course is designed to equip leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills to handle situations where people just won’t co-operate or are presenting with challenging or demanding behaviours.  It will concentrate on developing personal effectiveness and improving interpersonal and communication skills.

The course effectively demonstrates how to neutralise problem situations in the workplace.  It covers a range of scenarios including working with people who at times may become aggressive, disagreeable or unreasonable.  

Course cost is £75 per person

This one day programme is targeted at leaders and managers who are required to manage effectively in conflict situations.

This is a forum for members of the Leadership and Management Network

Target Audience - Social care managers and leadersCost - £75 per person Duration - One day Aim

The workshop will encapsulate - emotional intelligence, leadership styles and assertiveness techniques with lots of opportunity for practice and discussion. It will provide managers with an opportunity to reflect on and develop their knowledge and skills in relation to managing assertively. Learning Outcomes By the end of the workshop managers will be able to;Select and apply the key theories/models to manage assertively Recognise the language, tone of voice and non verbal behaviour related to each modes of behaviour. Practice different techniques (a non negotiable instruction, saying ‘no’, managing poor performance/misconduct, providing feedback)Plan how they will transfer the learning to the workplace

Refreshed Two day course.  

The course is designed to support the progression of diversity-inclusive practice, knowledge and skills to support collective buy-in of associated values within teams. The course aims to introduce assessment tools and resources for participants to analyse their team contexts and to apply within their teams. Participants will be expected and supported to, reflect, build on capabilities and confidence in developing and implementing a commitment/plan for constructively engaging with diversities within teams. The size or scope of their commitment/plan is immaterial, what is of value is the potential for stakeholders to benefit from action plans implemented and impacts. Participants will be supported to feedback – following the training, any changes, impact/results following their implementing their plans. The course will encompass relevant strands of the leadership dimensions framework and draw on associated guidance specific to the agenda.

Duration – One day

Cost - £75 per person (for non Birmingham City Council managers)

Target audience - This course is open to adult social care managers and leaders only

Effective Strategic Partnership Working

Within the current context of challenging change across social care meaningful and effective partnerships working across and within organisations is critical for success and sustainability of services. We have to create and contribute to new models of working and maximising community connections . The programme considers the principles of quality partnerships with an opportunity to stock take current practice and identify improvement steps.


This course is only suitable for managers and leaders working in the social care sector

Target Audience - Social Care Registered Managers or Senior staffDuration - One day CourseCost - £75 per persoonThis full day training programme is for Registered Managers or Senior Staff who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the CQC regulatory framework to inform quality improvements in their services. Through the programme attendees will gain knowledge, skills and confidence about working effectively to CQC expectations and will develop plans for service improvement using tools they will access during the day.

This course is designed specifically for Birmingham City Council (Adults) members of staff. This course will enable delegates to develop the knowledge and skills to present a case at a Formal Case Hearings.