These training sessions are available to all workers, mainly targeting CYPF workers. The CareFirst Assessments Training is an extension of knowledge of the eLearning course, which is required for all new starters, before access to CareFirst is granted. The GenoGram training provides an insight into using the GenoPro software, to map family patterns; this is available for all workers, to support the generation of a Client’s records and assessments.

In order to be able to add assessment forms in Carefirst 6 you will need the “Add Assessments” button – this will be added to your Carefirst account upon completion of this course. The course shows how to add assessments, complete the various types of questions you will come across, how to complete an assessment form and how to understand what is presented in the “Find Assessments” screen.

It also provides a quick recap on navigating around Carefirst as well as the terms and conditions of access.

This course aims to provide baseline competence in creating Genograms using Genopro.

GenoPro is the software program that is used to produce genograms in BCC. A genogram provides a way of mapping family patterns and relationships through multiple generations. It displays information about family structures in the same way as family trees. Genograms can also be used to show underlying strengths and/or weaknesses with family and social network. A well designed genogram gives an instant visual reference of the significant people in the primary subject’s life.