This one day course will give delegates a very brief overview of a range of the most common adult functional mental health conditions practitioners are likely to see within their practice. It is a whistle stop tour of signs, symptoms, interventions and theories related to a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression, bi-polar affective disorder and schizophrenia.

Target Group(s):

18+ Care Leavers service.

Course Outline:

The objectives for the training are to enhance understanding of:

  • The formation of attachment relationships, and different attachment styles.
  • The psychological & developmental impact of childhood trauma, including abuse & neglect.
  • The importance of caring, nurturing, and well attuned relationships in developing security, resilience and emotional wellbeing in young people.
  • How to apply this knowledge in order to understand the behaviour/current presentation of young people.
  • Ways to help young people to establish a sense of safety and security within relationship 

This one day programme looks at the impact autistic spectrum disorders have on young people and their social interactions, and the impact this can have on both the persons presentation and the complexity of the interactions they have with others. The programme is aimed at the 18+ Care Leavers service.