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This course is specifically for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP). Consideration will also be given to team managers and other lead practitioners who mangae or supervise AMHPs in practice. 

This course is for staff from the STaR Service, Learning Disabilities Team and Short Breaks Team only. Please do not not book a place on to the programme if you are not part of these departments.

This session is to set the scene for the developing integrated enablement service and get more of a shared understanding about how the changes in these services fit into the bigger picture of personalisation locally and nationally. 

This course is for staff who work for Birmingham City Council. Specifically, the target group is Social Workers in Assessment and Support Planning. This course will enable staff to learn how to make the best use of their time within the resources available to them.  

This course is open to all who provide Social Care services and support

This course looks at the basic principles regarding safeguarding which provides a suitable platform for all of the advanced safeguarding courses

This 2 Day workshop is aimed at supporting ASP Social Work Practitioners who have a responsibility for undertaking safeguarding adult enquiries and to develop an awareness of the key legislative changes that are introduced by the Care Act 2014 and the culture and practice changes that are required to embed making safeguarding personal.


This course is a one day programme designed for Social Care staff who do or might come into contact with Korsakoff’s syndrome/Alcohol Related Dementia. This course provides an insight into supporting people with Korsakoff’s syndrome/Alcohol Related Dementia.

This half day course is available to all staff working within the health and social care sector, people who use services and their unpaid carers.

This programme is aimed at advancing the knowledge of people who have already have a good understanding of Financial Abuse and will have almost certainly completed the Fianancial Awareness programme

This programme is aimed at supporting the social care workforce to recognise issues of Financial Abuse when safeguarding adults who may be at risk of abuse.

IMPACT delivers unique, original and dramatic courses in the field of Personal Safety and Crisis Mental Health. These courses are designed and delivered by Dr Iain Bourne.The "Fringe Theatre" approach involves "live" critical encounters visually and dramatically performed before the training group allowing for a highly focussed, evocative and collective experience.

The signature course is the dramatic, intensive and widely renowned course "Difficult, Disturbing and Dangerous Behaviour."

This workshop aims to prepare participants to feel more confident and skilled in working with service users who are troubled by hallucinations, delusions and paranoia.This evocative workshop dramatically brings together the fraught tension between the needs of the service user and that of the practitioner in a way that highlights good, safe and appropriate practice.


This course is solely for Birmingham City Council employees only, specifically, Social Workers and non Social Work qualified staff in Assessment and Support Planning. This course allows delegates to understand the need for a recording policyand practice guidelines.

Quarterly practice and policy updates relating to the duties and responsibilities of'Best Interest Assessors' 

For Birmingham City Council BIA's, Authorisers and Team Managers only 

The course is open to all staff who may work with individuals who hoard. This may include housing staff, social care staff, support workers, family and carers. The course aims to address some of the myths and presumptions around hoarding, consider interventions that help and to analyse the experiences of those who hoard through video and case study.

Please note there is a charge attached to this course

This forum is set up for enrolled users that are part of the Tri-City work involving Birmingham, Chicago & Hamburg to explore, evolve and exchange social work practices across the three cities.

This course is solely for Birmingham City Council staff only. This course is for specific staff in Assessment &Support Planning. This course is relevant to staff who need to be able to demonstrate an in depth understanding of the NSF (2012) and its application. 

This 1 day course is to provide an overview of the range of causes and impacts of acquired brain injury, of living with conditions such as stroke, considering other causes of brain injury such as accidents and alcohol use; and an overview of working with people with acquired injury. The day is being delivered by an expert in the field who will be supported by an individual with lived experience.

This course is designed specifically for Birmingham City Council (Adults) members of staff. This course will enable delegates to develop the knowledge and skills to present a case at a Formal Case Hearings.


This learning event aims to help participants deepen their understanding and build on what they already know about depression and the way it affects women around the birth of their child. It will explore some of the potential causes and reasons why women may become depressed at this important juncture and how to support those impacted by the condition and their carers, family and friends.

To examine why people develop eating disorders, how to identify support needs and to focus on the empowering interventions staff can make.


For BCC staff only

This course is bespoke for a specified team in ASP and is not otherwise available to other staff. 

This one day programme is aimed at providing social care staff with an understanding of how to transfer theoretical knowledege of Autism into the working environment

This is a 3 Day Specialist Autism programme aimed at all staff within the care sector who may be in contact with people with autism

To provide greater understanding of these drugs and discuss best practice in appropriate interventions.

Please note there is a charge attached to this course

Community DoL: Re X and Ors –

The day will offer social workers the chance to consider recent case law decisions relating to capacity and the deprivation of liberty within a community situation. This day will be about assesing and making decisions relating to capacity, care planning regimes within the community and consideration to the legal underpinning that may now be required.

Staff applying for this course MUST have completed the MCA e-learning AND attended the half day MCA introduction programme.


The day will be on developing academic skills.  Within the day we will look at the following areas:


-          Sourcing literature

-          Using literature

-          Primary and secondary sources

-          Evaluating the strength of evidence

-          Referencing

-          Developing a critical analysis

-          Common errors within written work including

  • Poor structure
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Presentation of work

-          Presentation

-          Planning your assignment

-          The role of the Practice Mentor Assessor and the employer

-          Marking criteria

This one day programme is targeted at leaders and managers who are required to manage effectively in conflict situations.


This module is intended to be a basic introduction to different religions. Religions can be complex and this guide is not intended to be a definitive guide to different religions, but a useful tool for staff in their day to day work. 


This course is designed to equip leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills to handle situations where people just won’t co-operate or are presenting with challenging or demanding behaviours.  It will concentrate on developing personal effectiveness and improving interpersonal and communication skills.

The course effectively demonstrates how to neutralise problem situations in the workplace.  It covers a range of scenarios including working with people who at times may become aggressive, disagreeable or unreasonable.  

Course cost is £75 per person

Module 1 - Introduction and overview of the ACT


In this module you will learn what mentoring is and the benefits it can bring. You will also learn how to get the best out of a mentoring relationship including how to start and structure it and how to bring it to a close when the time comes.

Available to staff in Birmingham City Council only

This programme is for SPD's and SPW's in Assessment and Support Planning.

This module explains the meaning of the term feedback and outlines why feedback is important, in everyday life and in the world of work. Original content for this module was provided by Birmingham City Council.

There are many things that make demands on us. Sometimes there seems to be just too much to do! In this short module, you'll find details of a simple tool known as 'the priority grid'. This tool helps you to organise your priorities

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