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This course is for managers of staff who attended the Recording Skills programme for non social work qualified staff in ACAP, Hospitals

This is an introductory 28-hour training course relevant to professionals and therapists who have experience in communicating with and working therapeutically with children and young people and their families. It is focused on families and residential care homes when children have experienced past developmental trauma and have associated attachment difficulties.

Course is 2 x 2 days.  Delegates must be available to attend all four days.

This DDP Level Two 4-day course is for staff who have completed the 4-day Level One training.

The Course is 2 x 2 days.  Delegates must be available to attend all four days. 

It follows on from the ideas and skills introduced in Level One and is suitable for those who are beginning to use the principles and interventions in their day-to-day work.

Courses can run for 4 consecutive days, 2 x 2 days or 1 x 4 days.

This one day programme looks at the impact autistic spectrum disorders have on young people and their social interactions, and the impact this can have on both the persons presentation and the complexity of the interactions they have with others. The programme is aimed at the 18+ Care Leavers service.

This one day course will give delegates a very brief overview of a range of the most common adult functional mental health conditions practitioners are likely to see within their practice. It is a whistle stop tour of signs, symptoms, interventions and theories related to a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression, bi-polar affective disorder and schizophrenia.

The aim of the qualification is to enable learners to attain the knowledge and competencies needed to deal with a range of emergency first aid situations. Learners should be able to demonstrate the practical administration of safe, prompt, effective first aid in emergency situations with an understanding of the role of the first aider.

This course is for AMHP's, the police and suitably trained provider organisations providing significant mental health input where warrants and places of safety are within their scope of practice. 

The course will consider the use of S135 warrants and the use of S136 place of safety decisions relating to best practice.

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The AMHP role has a key functioning under safeguarding whether it is human rights or alerting and intervening when adults or children are at risk of harm. Safeguarding is about more than protection however. Whether it is prevention or enablement the AMHP has a duty to safeguard whether it be the MHA or by engaging within safeguarding generally.
Proportionality of interventions for those with severeley low BMI has been a key consideration of the courts over the years. This day will provide AMHP's with an opportunity to reflect on the complexity of undertaking a MHA assessment where an eating disorder is present.
A one day course that considers best practice when working with personality disorder under the Mental Health Act.

This course will enable AMHP's to gain an understanding of the psychological process of unconscious bias

This one day course is for Approved MentalHealth Professionals (AMHP) and staff who manage AMHP's carryingout duties relating to the care and treatment of people with mental healthdifficulties. The interface between the Children Act, the MentalHealth Act, the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards canbe difficult to navigate. This course provide an opportunity to explore theinteraction and overlap between these Acts. This course is provided by Daisy Bogg Associates.

This course familiarises staff with the Prevent Strategy as part of their Safeguarding responsibility.

This module looks at helping you Make Every Contact Count in relation to Well-being.

This module supports integrated care working, and looks at conversations about well-being in more depth than LEVEL 1 Welcome to Well-being.

The research into parental mental illness finds that it can affect a child and family in three main ways: - by adversely affecting parenting; - by impacting negatively on family members’ development and mental health; and - in terms of the associated detriments of being a young carer (Rethink, 2012). This one-day session will consider issues specifically related to mental health and how these issues can impact on family relationships, including how service responses and interventions can impact and influence, and what the contribution of health and social care practitioners may be.

Refreshed Two day course.  

The course is designed to support the progression of diversity-inclusive practice, knowledge and skills to support collective buy-in of associated values within teams. The course aims to introduce assessment tools and resources for participants to analyse their team contexts and to apply within their teams. Participants will be expected and supported to, reflect, build on capabilities and confidence in developing and implementing a commitment/plan for constructively engaging with diversities within teams. The size or scope of their commitment/plan is immaterial, what is of value is the potential for stakeholders to benefit from action plans implemented and impacts. Participants will be supported to feedback – following the training, any changes, impact/results following their implementing their plans. The course will encompass relevant strands of the leadership dimensions framework and draw on associated guidance specific to the agenda.

This course is for OT staff only.

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A one-day training session to give participants an understanding of the various issues surrounding working with people who have a learning disability – and dementia. Please note there are charges for places relating to this course.

A one-day training session to give participants a basic understanding of Working with Adults with Personality Disorders and Learning Disabilities. Please note there is a charge attached to this course.

A half one-day training session to give participants an overall understanding of various issues relating to death, dying, loss and bereavement.
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