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The course is designed to help and enable staff to gain more confidence about having a conversation with someone about the benefits of a personalised care and support plans and how this can be implemented through a direct payment.

This is an opportunity to find out more about the role of a PA

This is an opportunity for those who wish to pursue a job a PA to become more confident and familiar about the role.

Target Group:

Front Line Social Workers & Social Work Managers 

Course Information:

Improve the awareness of international children and families cases, in addition to placing children in care with family abroad; Improve understanding of effective collaboration with overseas authorities; Improve knowledge of resources and networks for international collaboration

Target Group: 

Authorised Nominations Only

Course Aims: 

To qualify staff to use Parent Assessment Manual software under licence to BCC – Children’s Services. 

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the concept of unconscious bias, exploring how bias manifests itself in our everyday lives and how it can influence decision making when it comes to children, their families, communities and work colleagues.

This one-day workshop will offer an opportunity to explore some of the difficulties and challenges of leading and managing diverse teams in the modern workplace.

This course is for staff who have attended the one day Productive Time Management course on the 22nd November .

This is the second part of the overall programme.

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