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This module is designed to help you better understand the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the rights people have to access information held by public bodies.

This module will explain:

  • what the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is
  • gives examples of the types of information people want
  • discusses the exemptions included within the Act
  • explains the purpose of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004
  • the rights people have to access information relating to the environment
This will take about 1 hour to complete

This mandatory module is designed to help you better understand the role records management has to play in your day to day work and the importance of good quality information.

It will look at:

  • what records management is
  • why records management and the quality of data is important
  • the characteristics of good quality data
  • your role and responsibilities for managing records and ensuring that data is fit for purpose
  • Approximately 1 hour to complete

A thought provoking theatre production that tells the story of one woman and her familys attempt to navigate the complex system of older peoples care.

As part of the 12 month evaluation of 3 conversation we are keen to build on the excellent practice which is happening across all teams to collectively take 3 conversations to the next stage. To do this we are would like each team to identify people across roles and levels who have enthusiasm for 3 conversation and ODP , a passion for relationship and community focused working and want to celebrate their stories of difference. It does not matter how long you have been an innovator we are keen for this workshop to be open to all.
The primary purpose of the Open Awards Level 2 Award in Skills for Teaching Independent Travelis to prepare you for employment as a Travel Trainer.
This is a half day introductory workshop for any staff to attend. Please note the seriousness of the subject, if you have any recent difficulties linked to suicide it is recommended that you do not attend.
Bi-monthly events for AMHP's in Birmingham to share practice, discuss new developments internally and externally and to consider on-going learning
Participants will be supported and enabled through classroom or, and workbook.
This course will cover the transition and PHB and how they interface with Continuing Health Care
One day course for social care managers and leaders
One day course for social care managers and leaders
All individuals who support people who depend on others for assistance with their daily needs.
Learning outcomes will include fingerspelling, greetings, use of visual aid and communication through Makaton

Internal voices that can cause distress, preparing and making decisions, communication and naming and reclaiming power - a must day for reflection for AMHP's (including those in training) in support of them as they address complex situations and need to make evidence informed decisions on a daily basis.

Please see details for course content.

To complete the National level 2 award candidates are required to bring a passport size photograph and complete a multi-choice quiz at the end of the programme

To support AMHP's to:

  • Identify different types of personality disorders
  • to explore link between attachment and personality disorders
  • to review the impact of a MHA assessment and personality disorder
  • to explore effective strategies and approaches to support citizens
  • to explore what citizen's say in their own words
  • to consider the role of medication in the treatment of personality disorder

This course is about responding effectively to people with an eating disorder. Delegates will have a chance to consider current legislation and policy, recognise early warning signs and to review their own personal skills in relation to conditions relating to eating disorders.

AMHP's to identify and understand classifications of dementia, to consider best practice and strategies, to improve communication and to ensure person centred practice is at the forefront of the work AMHP's undertake when assessing and supporting older adults.

Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) are skilled professionals with  particular expertise applying law to practice. This masterclass gives AMHPs an opportunity to focus on their statutory powers and duties and to scrutinise their own practice. It will update and sharpen their knowledge and confidence in key areas of AMHP work as set out in the AMHP Competencies*. Participants will be encouraged to participate throughout the day by identifying issues from their own practice for discussion and learning.

This one day course gives Approved Mental Health Professionals an opportunity to update their legal knowledge and skills regarding the Nearest Relative as defined under the Mental Health Act 1983. Participants will be encouraged to identify legal and practice issues for discussion during the day.

This practice-based course looks in depth at an issue that is commonly encountered by health practitioners and social workers and which has no easy answers. It reviews the relevance of the Mental Health and Mental Capacity Acts and the Care Act 2014, considers the involvement of environmental health, and discusses local issues.

AMHP’s will gain a better understand common themes and presentations which exist within co-occurring substance use in mental health. AMHP’s will be assisted in identifying risks, how they may present, how to respond, the impact on people and their families, and services and interventions available. It will also update participants on current policy, research and statistics relevant to substance use in mental health services.


This course provides opportunities for AMHPs, police, ambulance services, nursing staff, medical staff and MHA Administrators to update and sharpen their legal knowledge relating to mental health work. By sharing practice dilemmas, participants will have a clearer understanding of each other’s roles. After completion participants will be sufficiently familiar with key mental health and capacity statute and guidance to carry out their various roles.

The resources are accessible to all social care staff to raise awareness of SEND and related processes.
These are copies of the presentations and videos from the tlds Direct Payments Conference 2019
This blended-learning and classroom based training is aimed at enabling staff to respond with improved confidence and understanding when working with citizens with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
This is a one day course on Analytical case Recording for Social Workers and Social care Facilitators
This is a 1-day course specifically for the OT Service looking at Personal Safety Training. It will focus on how to remain safe and confident at work and remain as independent as possible.
Designed for: Business Support staff responsible for taking minutes at meetings
Fully funded one day conference for social care managers

tlds Registered Mangers Network aims to equip managers to:

  • Help meet the workforce challenges they face
  • Provide access to information, advice & support
  • Provide a network of support and reduce isolation
  • Support the development of skills, knowledge and professional attainment

The course aims to establish and develop the skills needed to facilitate and encourage change when working with complex behaviours. Participants will learn how to apply the stages of change model and understand the purpose and principles of Motivational Interviewing as a person-centred approach to maximise positive change.
This course aims to help Business Support staff to develop their understanding and skills in relation to the preparation and recording of safeguarding meetings under the multi-agency Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board policy and procedures.Classroom trainingThis one day course is available specifically to Business Support Staff and any others likely to take minutes at safeguarding adults meetings.
This course is a multi agency approach to working with people who hoard
A half day QUALSAFE accredited programme for Enablement Staff only.
Programme aim -To enable participants to gain a consistent set of underpinning knowledge, key skills and increased confidence to promote Defensible Decision Making in practice.
This course will help to learn how to use your professional relationship with service users and their families in order to resolve problems and find solutions, by using an attachment-based approach
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These one day workshops are only open to BCC Enablement Teams and external domiciliary care providers. Each workshop to support care providers to focus on individual CQC KLOEs (Key Line Of Enquiry) and prepare for CQC Inspections.
These one day workshops are only open to BCC Enablement Teams and external domiciliary care providers. Each workshop to support care providers to focus on individual CQC KLOEs (Key Line Of Enquiry) and prepare for CQC Inspections.
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