A day to consider how the BIA report can be written in a succinct and evidence informed manner.


This course aims to enable participants already familiar with the Mental Capacity Act to maximise their skills in assessing capacity and best interests. It provides an in-depth analysis of the assessments and considers the latest case law.

This half day course aims to update authorising signatories who have already undertaken the Edge full day signatory course. It provides information on the latest news, guidance and case law relating to DoLS and considers how this impacts upon the specific role of signatories. The course also aims to look at wider strategic issues for local authorities in relation to DoLS. 

Note: people who are new to the role of authorising signatory and need to know to what to look for on the DoLS assessment forms in terms of authorising DoLS should undertake the full day DoLS signatory course from Edge.

All MCA Courses are currently being virtually delivered. 

Community DoL: Re X and Ors –

The day will offer social workers the chance to consider recent case law decisions relating to capacity and the deprivation of liberty within a community situation. This day will be about assesing and making decisions relating to capacity, care planning regimes within the community and consideration to the legal underpinning that may now be required.

Staff applying for this course MUST have completed the MCA e-learning AND attended the half day MCA introduction programme.

A look at practice issues and LPS developments for all social work staff.
Practice issues and LPS developments for BIA discussion and practice.
Quarterly practice and policy updates relating to the duties and responsibilities for Best Interest Assessors, authorisers and team managers (BCC and health colleagues only)

Workshops will be open to all staff who would like to consider the MCA in practice. Each workshop will differ in content so please look at the agenda and see if this is for you. Places will generally be allocated on a first come basis unless there are specific demands for certain roles to attend.

This half day course is available to all staff working within the health and social care sector, people who use services and their unpaid carers.