Self-Directed Care

Self-directed care & digital innovation is a NHS Health Education England (HEE) driven agenda to promote improvements in health and well-being of people across health and social care.

In conjunction with tlds, HEE are working with other providers to spread this message and resources to as many people as possible. Below you will find some useful links to websites and short blurbs about what they do and a link to the NHS HEE website where you can gain access to more links for your convenience.

Main NHS HEE resources website:

AskSARA (DLF part of Shaw Trust)

Award winning guided advice tool developed by the Disability Living Foundation charity, to help people to find solutions for independent living.

Ask SARA allows you to choose from a number of topics (lifestyle, eating habits or household areas), you then answer some 'yes' or 'no' questions and finally you receive a personalised report detailing and outlining advice and where you will be able to purchase key and relevant products.


Dementia Road Map

A web based platform developed in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Department of Health. It is hosted by Dementia Pathfinders Community Interest Company.  

This web based platform allows you to select from a local area (or closest to you) and it provides high quality information about dementia journey alongside other support groups and local services for that particular chosen area.


FallsCheck App (Coventry University)

This web based app provides you with information that helps prevents falls in the home. Once you have selected an area of the home (stairs for example) you then put this in your 'checklist'. Once you completed your checklist, you then click on the individual chosen areas and you click on them for solutions. Once you see the solutions, you are then given information or further websites on how to over come these issues with the given solutions.


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