Making Every Contact Count

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MECC is about all frontline staff being competent and competent, within their daily interactions with service users, to have brief conversations about healthy lifestyles. This means that staff can:

  • Recognise opportunities to make a positive difference to people's lives, health and well-being
  • Facilitate early recognition of problems, early intervention and signposting to suitable organisations for further support.

MECC needs to be supported at all levels within organisations in order for it to truly make a difference and staff need to understand how it aligns with their values and ethics at work.

MECC covers 5 main topics aligned with health-smoking, alcohol, healthy eating, physical activity and mental health however it can also embrace allied issues such as:

  • Winter Warmth
  • Housing and Fire Risk
  • Falls Prevention
  • Debt Management
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Self Care and Medicines Management
  • Isolation
  • Malnutrition
  • Carer Support

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Wellbeing is about feeling good, functioning well, and flourishing in your life. Focusing on wellbeing is important as it can strengthen individuals and communities, and may ultimately reduce the health and social care burden.

This pocketbook aims to briefly explain the links between lifestyle behaviours, wellbeing and preventable health conditions in the UK. Included are suggested formats for having a wellbeing- focused "chats" in just a few minutes and conversations that encourage the initiation of behaviour change.

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This series of VBA charts provide a short definition of each area along with example questions to ask when raising the topic of conversation, what to advise and how to assist along with guidance on how to close the conversation with those not interested and provide positive reinforcement for those who are okay.

VBA Age Well

VBA Handy Person

VBA Major Life Changes

VBA Smoking

VBA Integrated Care


MECC Level One: Be Wise For Wellbeing

This simple e-learning course will help you to Make Every Contact Count for Wellbeing and make the most of every day opportunities to have conversations with whom you meet to in order to raise awareness of issues that may impact their health and wellbeing. (click here to go to the e-learning page)

MECC Level Two

This module supports integrated care working, and looks at conversations about well-being in more depth than LEVEL 1 Welcome to Well-being.

It will help you to apply a person-centred approach to conversations which support improvements in wellbeing in the people you meet through work on a regular basis.

You will be able to use a simple 3 question conversation framework to support the person to prioritise the issues which are important to wellbeing and encourage them to plan and take the first steps towards their desired personal outcomes for wellbeing. (click here to go to the level 2 e-learning)

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