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This module introduces the differing styles of pages and interactions that learners will come across in modules created by the Authoring Tool.
This site contains all of the resources and support information required to create your own e-learning and courses. You will find a selection of e-learning, questionnaires and HOW TO guides.

A two day learning opportunity delivered and designed by professionals involved and/or diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome

Through the elearning module you will learn what the implications are for safeguarding adults at risk and how to recognise the different types of abuse

Through this module you will learn what we mean when we talk about dignity and respect and how you can help maximise an individual's independence. The module will show you why an individual's privacy matters to their dignity and how to keep their information confidential

This module asks what is supervision and what is its function? We outline the role and responsibilities of the supervisor within the process and also cover the Local Government Association's Standards for Employers and Supervision Framework

This is module two in a suite of three modules on supervision. The aim of the collection is to equip workers with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and confidence to be an effective supervisor. This module covers development and performance management through supervision.

This is module three in a suite of three modules on supervision. The aim of the collection is to equip workers with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and confidence to be an effective supervisor. This module explores how you can support the supervisee.

The module looks at definitions of supervision and its function. We delve into the role of the supervisee and cover personal development, continued learning, adult learning styles and reflective practice. Finally, we explore some of the problems that can occur.

By completing this module you will explore the ethos and benefits of reablement, understand how individuals are assessed and supported during reablement and explore the team involved in reablement services.

This is a basic dementia awareness module for all staff working in adult social care who may have contact with people with dementia. This module should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


This is a forum for members of the Leadership and Management Network

This course is for staff who work for Birmingham City Council. Specifically, the target group is Social Workers in Assessment and Support Planning. This course will enable staff to learn how to make the best use of their time within the resources available to them.  

This course is open to all who provide Social Care services and support

This course looks at the basic principles regarding safeguarding which provides a suitable platform for all of the advanced safeguarding courses


This course is solely for Birmingham City Council employees only, specifically, Social Workers and non Social Work qualified staff in Assessment and Support Planning. This course allows delegates to understand the need for a recording policyand practice guidelines.

This forum is set up for enrolled users that are part of the Tri-City work involving Birmingham, Chicago & Hamburg to explore, evolve and exchange social work practices across the three cities.

This course is solely for Birmingham City Council staff only. This course is for specific staff in Assessment &Support Planning. This course is relevant to staff who need to be able to demonstrate an in depth understanding of the NSF (2018) and its application. 


For BCC staff only

This course is bespoke for a specified team in ASP and is not otherwise available to other staff. 

Community DoL: Re X and Ors –

The day will offer social workers the chance to consider recent case law decisions relating to capacity and the deprivation of liberty within a community situation. This day will be about assesing and making decisions relating to capacity, care planning regimes within the community and consideration to the legal underpinning that may now be required.

Staff applying for this course MUST have completed the MCA e-learning AND attended the half day MCA introduction programme.


Module 1 - Introduction and overview of the ACT

In this module you will learn what mentoring is and the benefits it can bring. You will also learn how to get the best out of a mentoring relationship including how to start and structure it and how to bring it to a close when the time comes.

Available to staff in Birmingham City Council only

This programme is for SPD's and SPW's in Assessment and Support Planning.

This module explains the meaning of the term feedback and outlines why feedback is important, in everyday life and in the world of work. Original content for this module was provided by Birmingham City Council.

There are many things that make demands on us. Sometimes there seems to be just too much to do! In this short module, you'll find details of a simple tool known as 'the priority grid'. This tool helps you to organise your priorities

This short module provides a concise package on assertiveness for those who want an introduction to the topic and to get the primary facets of asserting yourself.

The Learning and Development Service will be changing the way in which it manages training delivery.  During early 2016 we will be undertaking an EU compliant procurement exercise to establish a framework of providers. The opportunity to join will be advertised on FinditinBirmingham, Contracts Finder and the City Councils e-tendering portal in-tend.

To support training providers interested in joining the new framework, tlds will be running two briefing sessions in January. A morning and afternoon session will take place at The Venue Edgbaston where you will have the opportunity to find out more about the process and raise any queries with tlds staff and a representative from Birmingham City Council's Corporate Procurement Services.

Direct Payment Resources for Assessment and Support Planning Staff.

Below are resources that have been used throughout the delivery of Direct Payment Sessions to ASP managers, HPDT, Standard and ACAP teams. They have been made available to download to support Team Managers in their delivery of Direct Payments awareness sessions during team meetings.

You will also find Module 9 of the Local Government Association (LGA) Care Act e-learning which will compliment your work around direct payments. If you would like to access the other 11 Care Act modules, please click here 

To access up to date versions forms relating to the Direct Payment process, please visit

Direct Payments and Personal Budgets video on YouTube video click here

Short Course Description Description


This module addresses the topic of recruitment and selection for managers - it explains the recruitment and selection process, the required actions and the dos and don'ts. A second module will cover the interviewing and phase.

Welcome to Managing yourself and your time, designed to help you work smarter. The module is designed to be interactive and contains a series of activities for you to complete as you progress through the material.

Module 2- Prevention and wellbeing in practice

Module 3 Information and advice

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