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A workshop which aims to develop knowledge, skills and confidence when working with those at risk of or affected by female genital mutilation.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

·          Have developed an understanding of recent facts and figures around female genital mutilation

·          Familiarised themselves with key motives identified behind female genital mutilation

·          Identified potential warning signs and demonstrate an awareness of the effects of female genital mutilation on children/ young              people and their families

·          A brief awareness of the Female Genital Mutilation Act, and how it can be implemented

·          To develop good practice around working with women/ children at risk of or affected by female genital mutilation

·          An awareness of local and national support services that work directly with those affected by female genital mutilation


This forum is only available to to members of the direct payments challenge group.

The course description goes here and should briefly state what the contents of the course are.


This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty, and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves. It is a HM Government piece of e-learning.

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For staff to develop and enhance professional Communication

Welcome to this e-learning module on basic autism awareness which looks at they key characteristics, the triad of impairments and links to other conditions.

This course is for Team Managers, SPD's, SPW's and Team Leaders in ACAP, Hospital and Standard Service who manage non social work qualified staff.
This course is for managers of staff who attended the Recording Skills programme for non social work qualified staff in ACAP, Hospitals
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This module looks at helping you Make Every Contact Count in relation to Well-being.

This module supports integrated care working, and looks at conversations about well-being in more depth than LEVEL 1 Welcome to Well-being.

NB- This e-learning is purely for external stakeholders ONLY. This is not for Birmingham City Council staff. Any Council staff wanting to complete this course MUST complete it through the iLearn (People Solutions) method..This module aims to equip you with a working awareness and understanding of various potential signs and indicators of abuse and/or neglect and what is expected of you in taking appropriate actions to report your concerns.

This course is for OT staff only.

Testing seminar back up to determine issues with notifications


Welcome to the MCA Part 1 e-Learning course. Here you will be able to access the e-Learning which explores areas such as assessing capacity, decision making, Best Interest Decisions and the 5 principles all contained within part 1.

Welcome to the MCA Part 2 e-Learning course. Here you will go onto explore the Lasting Power of Attorney, the role of the IMCAs, advanced decisions and wilful neglect and ill treatment

A fringe theatre production on responding to the needs of those who are troubled by traumatic events in adulthood.
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