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This program is targeted at those who work with Children Young People and Adults with Autism.

This is an Intermediate Level and you are required to have completed the Autism Basic Awareness prior to undertaking this learning.

This module introduces the differing styles of pages and interactions that learners will come across in modules created by the Authoring Tool.
This site contains all of the resources and support information required to create your own e-learning and courses. You will find a selection of e-learning, questionnaires and HOW TO guides.

Short Course Description Description


This is a course template for all TLDS (Adults & Children's staff) to follow as a guide to ensure courses are in a standardised format for consistency.


The course description goes here and should briefly state what the contents of the course are.

This is a course for BCC Managers and Supervisors

A basic introduction to Covid-19 as provided by Learning Pool.

Please note that due to the speed in putting together a whole set of e-learning and information modules it has not been easy to review all the content. With this in mind please be aware there could be minor inaccuracies and you should always seek appropriately referenced advice and guidance.

As soon as tlds is able to do so it will try and ensure information is updated as and where necessary and applicable.

tlds would like to thank you for your support at this time and will continue to try and offer awareness and support to staff, citizens and carers on a wide range of topics.

Introductory safeguarding e-learning for non Birmingham City Council Staff

This is a forum for members of the Leadership and Management Network

Target audience - BCC Managers and Staff (separate sessions)

The courses will cover :

  • Understanding what Resilience is
  • Recognising and coping with pressure and stress
  • Personal development to build your own resilience, health & wellbeing
  • Methods to deal with change

Fully Funded

Target audience - Birmingham City Council Adult Social Care Managers only

Duration - One hour

Dates : 16th November 2020 (2pm to 3pm)

             26th November 2020 (2pm to 3pm)

             16th December 2020 (10am to 11am)

             13th January 2021 (11am to 12noon)

Delivered via Microsoft Teams by a colleague from the Occupational Health team

The session will explore :

  • what is a stress risk assessment
  • the reasons for carrying out a stress risk assessment
  • how to do the assessment
  • what outcomes could be expected.

 The session will :

  • cover the what, when, where, why and how! 
  • include when is the best timeframe to consider completing an assessment and who does the assessment.
  • explore how to carry out the assessment (teams/ 1:1/ phone),
  • explore the purpose of the document and whether SMART objectives can be included. 
  • also be an opportunity to discuss how to have this discussion with an employee.

There will be a brief presentation but with plenty of opportunity to have an open discussion.

Cost for Non BCC Staff - £45 per delegate

Target audience 

18/12/20 - Birmingham City Council Adult Social Care Managers only

10/02/21 - BCC Social Care managers and social care managers from Private, Voluntary and Independent Sectors

Delivered on-line

An introductory half day course designed to increase mental health awareness and give an understanding of how to look after wellbeing and challenge stigma. When you complete your course you will get a certificate of attendance and a manual to keep and refer to whenever you need it.

Preparing Occupational Health Referrals

Target audience - Birmingham City Council Adult Social Care Managers only

Duration - One hour

Dates : Thursday 14th January 2021 (12noon to 1pm) or

             Tuesday 2nd February 2021 (10.30am to 11.30am)

Delivered via Microsoft Teams by a colleague from the Occupational Health team

The session will:

  • Provide an overview of Occupational Health - which services are available including additional services such as physiotherapy.
  • Which services are not available
  • Cover the How, when and why referrals are made
  • Cohort information on setting up an account and how it functions.

There will be a brief presentation but with plenty of opportunity to have a Q & A at the end of the presentation.

Fully Funded

Date – Tuesday 26th January 2021

Times – 10am to 11.30am

Target Audience – Social Care Managers

tlds Registered Managers Network aims to equip managers to:

  • Help meet the workforce challenges they face
  • Provide access to information, advice & support
  • Provide a network of support and reduce isolation
  • Support the development of skills, knowledge and professional attainment

This webinar will be held using Microsoft Teams

In order to access the webinar, please complete the booking request on the TLDS website.

You require the appropriate software and a meeting invitation link which will be emailed to you.

Webinar will be delivered by Patrick from The West Midlands Cyber Crime Unit

Increase your awareness of cyber threats so you can Protect and Prepare yourself whilst online

The webinar will:

  • Raise general awareness of threats when online in your Professional and Personal lives
  • Highlight vulnerabilities from social media and open sources
  • Develop awareness on preparation for a cyber security disaster

This webinar will focus in a none technical way on cyber security threats.  The emphasis will be on the human element when using technology and the World Wide Web.  Vulnerabilities from Open Source Intelligence research and Social Engineering tactics will be considered along with some good processes when responding to a cyber security incident.

This event will be useful for all. It will benefit attendees in their personal and professional lives.

Attendees will gain a better awareness of :

  • The Current Policing Landscape and the Threat, Risk and Harm
  • OSINT and Social Engineering
  • Brief Psychology of scams
  • How to prepare

 Please reserve your place now

This module looks at helping you Make Every Contact Count in relation to Well-being.

This module supports integrated care working, and looks at conversations about well-being in more depth than LEVEL 1 Welcome to Well-being.

This course is open to all who provide Social Care services and support

This course looks at the basic principles regarding safeguarding which provides a suitable platform for all of the advanced safeguarding courses

This programme is aimed at advancing the knowledge of people who have already have a good understanding of Financial Abuse and will have almost certainly completed the Fianancial Awareness programme

This programme is aimed at supporting the social care workforce to recognise issues of Financial Abuse when safeguarding adults who may be at risk of abuse.


This course is currently directed at Birmingham City Council staff ONLY: -

Social Work Team Manager Delivery/Workforce and Senior Practitioner Delivery/Workforce staff 

This multi-agency workshop[will identify the learning about domestic violence and child safeguarding that is emerging from Birmingham’s domestic homicide reviews with particular reference to the review into the death of Natasha Trevis, and  published Serious Adult Reviews.  

Target Audience: This multi-agency training is targeted towards those who work predominantly with families as well as for those with specialist or designated Adult safeguarding responsibilities.

Aims: To enable participants to:

  • Understand the pattern of coercive control in domestic violence and abuse and its impact upon parenting  
  • Understand the increased risks associated with ending a violent relationship and the factors that make it dangerous for victims to leave
  • Be familiar with the tactics used by domestic violence abusers to prevent help seeking by a non-abusing parent  
  • Become familiar with the worries and concerns children and victims may have around domestic violence and agency involvement  
  • Be aware of the tools and pathways for responding to adult  safeguarding in the context of domestic violence in Birmingham, including how to implement the ADASS guidance- Adult safeguarding and domestic A guide to support practitioners and managers
  • Be familiar with both unsafe practice and good practice in protecting children and vulnerable adults  exposed to domestic violence and abuse
  • Be more confident in supporting children and vulnerable adults experiencing domestic violence and abuse

A workshop which aims to develop knowledge, skills and confidence when working with those at risk of or affected by female genital mutilation.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

·          Have developed an understanding of recent facts and figures around female genital mutilation

·          Familiarised themselves with key motives identified behind female genital mutilation

·          Identified potential warning signs and demonstrate an awareness of the effects of female genital mutilation on children/ young              people and their families

·          A brief awareness of the Female Genital Mutilation Act, and how it can be implemented

·          To develop good practice around working with women/ children at risk of or affected by female genital mutilation

·          An awareness of local and national support services that work directly with those affected by female genital mutilation

This is a level 2 course under the Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board Competency Framework, intended for all staff who may be required to undertake a statutory adult safeguarding enquiry under section 42 of the Care Act 2014. This would include social workers and staff in other partner agencies who the local authority may cause to make an enquiry on its behalf, because they are best placed to do this. Please note that there are aspects of this program that will explore aspects of the topic specific to the local authority social work role. However the majority of this 2 day course will be applicable to all who undertake adult safeguarding enquiries.

Target AudienceTo provide staff in health and social care settings with an understanding of how to lead and manage care practice that promotes the safeguarding of adults at risk of harm

This course is for Office staff that have been designated as first aiders in a building and are required to meet the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981.Successful candidates will receive a certificate accredited by the awarding body (OFQUAL).

To give food handlers the essential knowledge and understanding of good hygiene practices that they need for their work.  It is designed for people working in all food industries and services.

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