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This module introduces the differing styles of pages and interactions that learners will come across in modules created by the Authoring Tool.
This site contains all of the resources and support information required to create your own e-learning and courses. You will find a selection of e-learning, questionnaires and HOW TO guides.

Short Course Description Description


This is a course template for all TLDS (Adults & Children's staff) to follow as a guide to ensure courses are in a standardised format for consistency.


The course description goes here and should briefly state what the contents of the course are.

This is a course for BCC Managers and Supervisors

This course is for internal BCC staff only.

This course is for non Social Work qualified staff involved in ASP ie Care Co Ordinators, Reviewing Officers etc.

This course is not appropriate for qualified Social Workers.

This course is for internal BCC staff only

This course is for Social Workers in Assessment & Support Planning.

This course is for staff who work for Birmingham City Council. Specifically, the target group is Social Workers in Assessment and Support Planning. This course will enable staff to learn how to make the best use of their time within the resources available to them.  

This course is solely for Birmingham City Council employees only, specifically, Social Workers and non Social Work qualified staff in Assessment and Support Planning. This course allows delegates to understand the need for a recording policyand practice guidelines.

This forum is set up for enrolled users that are part of the Tri-City work involving Birmingham, Chicago & Hamburg to explore, evolve and exchange social work practices across the three cities.

This course is solely for Birmingham City Council staff only. This course is for specific staff in Assessment &Support Planning. This course is relevant to staff who need to be able to demonstrate an in depth understanding of the NSF (2012) and its application. 

For BCC staff only

This course is bespoke for a specified team in ASP and is not otherwise available to other staff. 

The day will be on developing academic skills.  Within the day we will look at the following areas:


-          Sourcing literature

-          Using literature

-          Primary and secondary sources

-          Evaluating the strength of evidence

-          Referencing

-          Developing a critical analysis

-          Common errors within written work including

  • Poor structure
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Presentation of work

-          Presentation

-          Planning your assignment

-          The role of the Practice Mentor Assessor and the employer

-          Marking criteria

Available to staff in Birmingham City Council only

This programme is for SPD's and SPW's in Assessment and Support Planning.

Direct Payment Resources for Assessment and Support Planning Staff.

Below are resources that have been used throughout the delivery of Direct Payment Sessions to ASP managers, HPDT, Standard and ACAP teams. They have been made available to download to support Team Managers in their delivery of Direct Payments awareness sessions during team meetings.

You will also find Module 9 of the Local Government Association (LGA) Care Act e-learning which will compliment your work around direct payments. If you would like to access the other 11 Care Act modules, please click here 

To access up to date versions forms relating to the Direct Payment process, please visit

Direct Payments and Personal Budgets video on YouTube video click here

This course is for internal BCC staff only who work in Adults & Communities

This course is suitable for Grade 4 Social Workers in Assessment and Support Planning who wish to apply for Practice Educator Stage 1

This workshop is aimed at Grade 4 social workers, to help them make an application to the University Of Birmingham’s P.Q Consolidation module

Available to: Qualified Social Workers- THIS IS JUST FOR GRADE 4 SOCIAL WORKERS

Applicants will be:

  • Employed directly by Birmingham City Council as a social worker in the Assessment & Support Planning (ASP) Service
  • Practising as a qualified social worker for a minimum of 42 weeks when they embark on the module in January 2016
  • Available to attend all 5 of the teaching days and take the 2 allocated study days
  • Committed and ready to embark on the Consolidation module


N.B. NQSWs wishing to apply must have first have completed and submitted their ASYE portfolio (it must be confirmed that they have passed or are likely to pass their ASYE)

This masterclass is for nominatated SPD CHC Champions only


  • To develop NHS Continuing Healthcare Champions in each Team to act as a resource and a “sounding board” for Team members because of their specialist knowledge of NHS Continuing Healthcare.
  • To introduce key documents not already sourced in the 2 day course and encourage their use
    • to ensure that the service user remains at the centre of all  parts of the process and has a “voice”
    • to ensure that the service user is given accurate and comprehensive information to allow him/her (or his/her representative) to be able to take an active and appropriate role in the process

in process and eligibility decision making within the MDT  

Session 1:  Thursday 24th November 9:30-13;30

  • Reflection of practice to date
  • Aide memoire for assessments
  • 3 presentations from staff which are causing issues

Homework: to look at reading around the key indicators and bringing any current issues that may have or might arise.

This course is for staff who work for Birmingham City Council in Assessment & Support Planning.

The target group is Team Leaders, Social Care Facilitators , Senior Referral & Advice Officers and Referral & Advice Officers.


Half day programme aimed to provide information to SPW's, SPD's and TM about DP's, in line with the delivery to other groups, so they can:

  • Support and reinforce same messages
  • build evalauation ,measures into supervisions
  • identify ongoing learning needs to inform future training

The conent will include the background to DP's, BCC processes, form filling, awareness of wider programme and discussion to consider how best to incorporate into supervision.

For staff to develop and enhance professional Communication
This course is for OT staff only.

Refresher day for staff who have already attended the full 2 day course prior to December 2015

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and its relationship with Section 117.  

This session is for CHC Masterclass Members only

Course to enhance existing telephone skills

This SAQ is designed to find out any relevant  learning requirements you may have with regards to gaining experience and knowledge of the SPD role.

Do note that the SAQ is just a guidance of the areas covered by an SPD and you may have already had training or experience in some of the areas. 

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